Self-Reflection as a Teacher: End of the Year Every teacher at the end of the year goes through many evaluations. Evaluations from the administration, from parents and from students. All of this input helps us adapt and improve our teaching style. But perhaps the most important thing to have at the top of your teacher end of the year checklist...
Boom Cards for the Virtual Classroom
What are BOOM CARDS? The website Boom Learning is the best thing since task cards. Literally. You can access this educational website for students free of charge... you only pay for the resources you buy (Just like you would on  Teachers Pay Teachers). In fact, there are even BOOM CARDS available to buy on TPT, just like any other product. Boom Cards are...
Boom Cards Fast Play
In this article, you will find information about one of my favorite self assessments for students using a website called Boom cards and boom cards fast play are both great ways to get your students learning from home when you are teaching from a virtual classroom. Boom cards is one of many educational websites for students and it is one...
Websites For Teachers By Teachers 1. Teachers Pay Teachers Anything worth mentioning is worth mentioning again and again. For this reason, I recommend the super famous site - Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven't heard of it yet, you need to sign up... like yesterday. Not only is this site for teachers by teachers but it gives teachers just like you...
What is teaching
What is Teaching? Most people think of teaching in a very narrow-minded manner. Unless, of course, they are or have ever been a teacher. The most basic definition of a teacher is someone who educates another person. You don't have to be a teacher in order to teach someone something, obviously, but in the common sense of the word "teaching,"...
TEMPORARILY UNDER CONSTRUCTION This is a blog post about Teaching questions to ask interviewer  please visit my store for phenomenal teacher resume templates:
This is a blog post about motivating students for testing. It includes several strategies for motivating students and may even be helpful for motivating students who don't care. Here you will find incentives for students.    
Teacher Interview Questions
This is a post about teacher interview questions. It will also include teacher interview questions and answers and other information you may need to know about the teacher interview.   It will link to Teacher Resume ExamplesTeacher,  Objective in Resume and  Teacher skills on resume   Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels
motivating students
TEMPORARILY UNDER CONSTRUCTION This is a blog post about teaching cover letter please visit my store for phenomenal teacher resume templates:
motivating students
We usually are concerned with motivating students for testing this time of year. But it is March of 2020 and we are currently in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic. Because of this, most of us are forced to participate in distance learning and interacting with our students through a virtual classroom. We now must pose the question, how...