Writing your teacher objective in resume format can be a difficult task. Sometimes you can know exactly what you want in your career but the thought of putting it into words can be rather challenging.

Is that you? Do you need help with your teacher objective in resume format? Are you pulling your hair out trying to come up with the perfect teacher objective for resume writing?

It’s ok! I’ve got you! I’ve totally been there. Writing a teacher resume is hard work whether you are fresh out of college or you are a veteran teacher so DON’T sweat it. A teacher objective in resume writing is one of the most important aspects of who you are and where you want to go. Your teacher objective can change over the course of your career and even from year to year. So don’t be afraid to revise it to fit your needs at that point in your teacher career.

What is a teacher objective on resume?

An objective on your resume is simply what you want in your career for the coming years. When you first started out as a teacher (or maybe as you are starting out now) you may just want to “secure a job as a 3rd grade teacher that will utilize my dedication to student needs.” 

That’s a great place to start! As you progress through your career and as you find out more about what you like… and don’t like… about particular places you work, you may find that your desires become a little more refined. Keep reading to see examples of objectives for your teacher resume whether you have no experience or you have experience as a teacher.

Teacher Objective in Resume – No Experience

When you have no experience teaching, you may find it difficult to write your teacher objective. Whether you are still in college, are a student teacher or have graduated college but still haven’t found a job you should still focus on what you HAVE done in the education world or where you have excelled.

If you have no experience, your teacher objective should somewhat follow the following basic format:

Seeking a position as _____________ where I can utilize my _____________ to __________.

1. What position are you looking for?:

  • A (preschool/VPK/elementary/middle school/high school/____ grade) teacher
  • A __________ specialist
  • A ____ grade special needs instructor
  • A teacher’s assistant

2. What experience or specialties DO you have that you can utilize?:

  • A.A./B.A./B.S. degree in ____________ (education-related degree)
  • _______ years experience as a student teacher
  • _______ years of volunteering experience with _______ (have you volunteered with a church organization, Boys & Girls Club or YMCA that had relatable experience)
  • Passion for _______ (What are you passionate about? Math, science, art, STEM, technology, etc.)
  • Energetic attitude,

3. What do you want to most accomplish as a teacher?

  • share my passion for (the subject) with the students at _________ school
  • encourage students to think critically and creatively.
  • develop



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