Websites For Teachers By Teachers

1. Teachers Pay Teachers

Anything worth mentioning is worth mentioning again and again. For this reason, I recommend the super famous site – Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you need to sign up… like yesterday. Not only is this site for teachers by teachers but it gives teachers just like you and me to sell resources online as a side hustle. It is free to sign up and there are tons of FREE resources there as well. However, you will find that the teachers that sell on this site (such as myself) put a lot of thought, time and effort into their resources. Teachers really try to produce products that are high enough quality to purchase for your classroom.

2. Learning A-Z 

This site is similar to TPT in that it also provides products and resources that are made specifically for teachers by teachers. Here, however, the resources are not single printable and downloadable items but more like programs to provide to your students. The added benefit of this site is that it also provides resources such as RTI resources, videos and professional development classes.

3. We Are Teachers 

Websites for teachers by teachersThis website for teachers by teachers is a site that is designed to offer various resources to teachers. This site is like a hub for websites and activities, ideas for hands-on learning and more.

One of my other favorite parts of this website is the “apps” section which shows you many different educational apps and other technology to use in the classroom.


4. Zearn

This site gives teachers in K-5 access to an online system to allow your students to practice math. It truly is an amazing resource for distance learning as well. You simply create a class, add students and select a grade level to start. Students can then log in to their account and complete different math challenges, videos and games that will propel them through the curriculum.



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