What is teaching

What is Teaching?

Most people think of teaching in a very narrow-minded manner. Unless, of course, they are or have ever been a teacher. The most basic definition of a teacher is someone who educates another person. You don’t have to be a teacher in order to teach someone something, obviously, but in the common sense of the word “teaching,” we most likely are thinking of education.

At The Scholar’s Source, we believe that teaching is about a lot more than academics. Of course, that is important but there are so many other components that are involved to truly educate your students. The idea is to take a group of people (these could be young children in K-6, young adults in 7-12 or even adult learners) and transform them into scholars. Read more about what is a scholar HERE.

Teaching is such a rewarding career that can really make you appreciate so much in life. But I am a little biased, being a former teacher for myself. I believe that there are three major components of teaching. If you are truly asking yourself “what is teaching,” this is what it is:

Teaching is: Building relationships with students

What are some ways you build relationships with students? Leave some feedback in the comments below!

Teaching is: Motivating students to learn

What are some ways you motivate students to learn? Leave some feedback in the comments below!

Teaching is: Reaching your students where they are

What are some ways you can reach your students where they are? Leave some feedback in the comments below!



What do you think? Are there more main areas of teaching? What are some ways that you either build relationships, motivate students or reach your learners where they are? Let me know in the comments below





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