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In this article, you will find information about one of my favorite self assessments for students using a website called Boom cards and boom cards fast play are both great ways to get your students learning from home when you are teaching from a virtual classroom. Boom cards is one of many educational websites for students and it is one of few that is an educational website for students free of charge

In a time where distance learning in the virtual classroom has become the norm, it is essential for teachers to find ways to deliver self-assessments for students. Of course there are traditional methods of doing this. You could simply post a worksheet on your website then with answers attached and hope the students will attempt the problems first, then self assess. However, this is not likely how it will work out.

Whether you are looking for quick self-checking assignments on educational websites for students that work in your classroom or in your virtual classroom for distance learning…

Enter BOOM CARDS Fast Play!

First of all, if you have never heard of Boom Cards before, you are in for a treat! Boom Learning is an educational website for students free of charge, you only pay if you decide to buy a “set.” Read my post on getting started with boom learning then come back to find out about fast play!

As you know from my “getting started” post, you sign up with a free trial of the premium membership but then they switch you to the “starter” version. This means boom cards fast play is the ONLY version you can play with a full class. If you have a paid membership, you have many more options for how you want to use Boom Cards Fast Play with your students. You can assign a set of cards for your students to study in their own time. Perhaps during centers or for homework. But more on that in another post.

Please understand that the FREE account really only allows you to play Fast play. As of now, they are signing people up with a trial of the premium version so I wouldn’t waste time setting up your whole classroom unless you are really interested. (More about how that all works here.) Rest assured, the FREE version is just as great with boom cards fast play, you just won’t have access to reports.

Here Are The 3 Simple Steps To Get Started With Boom Cards Fast Play:

 1. Create your FREE account and login

Boom Cards Fasts Play Library

That’s it. Just follow this link and click “Join for Fre

e” or click Sign in. Once you have signed in, go to “my library” and select the deck you want your students to play. If you have no decks in your library, go to the store and find a deck you want. You can either try out a free deck or pay for a deck more in line with what you are teaching. If you don’t know how to add decks to your library, read this post first.

 2. Click the blue “action” button

Boom Cards Fast Play Pin

Find the set you would like your students to practice with and click the blue action button on the top right of the set. On the drop down menu, select “fast pin.” This will give you a code that students will use to access the cards from the boom learning site without having to log in or have a student account.

3. Instruct your students how to access

You will notice on the bottom of this pop-up that it gives you a long website to use. I find that it is easier to display the website “” on your white or Smart Board and instruct your students to click “fast play” and enter the code. If you are teaching in a virtual classroom This is totally up to you.

Here is an example of what it will look like from the students’ perspective if you have them log in to Boom Cards Fast Play the way I have suggested

boom cards fast play student login

Boom Cards Fast Play Pin

And that’s all there is to it! It’s so simple, then your kiddos can get started using interactive flash cards in centers, as extra practice and more!

If you are just starting out and would like to try out a free set just to see how it all works, create an account and check out the free resources on My Store. I will be adding more sets in Grades 3-8 (upper elementary and middle school) very soon so keep checking back!

Or feel free to comment or connect and let me know what you are looking for so we can collaborate!

Comment below… How do you use Boom Cards and Boom Cards Fast Play? Inquiring minds (like mine) WANT TO KNOW!!!









Image Credit The 3am Teacher


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